Another World is Possible: Five Decades of Revolutionary Art with Ricardo Levins Morales

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Another World is Possible: Five Decades of Revolutionary Art with Ricardo Levins Morales
October 5th-November 22nd at CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha) 3715 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Upcoming Events:

  • La Lucha Continua: Day of the Dead 11am-3pm Art and flower making , 4pm-8pm community potluck, ancestor alter, procession and dance performance. More info here
  • Exhibit Closing Event Friday, November 22 5-8pm (details to come)

General Open Hours:

  • Mondays 9am-5pm
  • Tuesdays 9am-5pm
  • Wednesdays 9am-8pm
  • Thursdays: 9am-8pm
  • Fridays 9am-5pm
  • Saturdays 11am-3pm

About the exhibit:
Fifty years ago, in 1969, I was a thirteen-year-old kid, recently arrived in Chicago from the mountains of Puerto Rico. I had landed in a country on fire and was quickly drawn into the flames; the liberation struggles and mass movements of the time. Soon I was drawing caricatures of politicians, woodcuts of fugitives and leaflets for fundraisers.

This exhibit features fifty years of movement history as told through my art. As someone who’s been in the struggle for a few minutes I am very aware of how our collective histories get stolen, erased, distorted or romanticized beyond recognition in ways that make them irrelevant (or even toxic) to today’s rebels. Those movements – like today’s – were mostly youth-led, and my hope is that with this exhibit we can open a space/time portal which young activists from different eras can reach through to touch each others hands, hear each other’s stories, listen to each others fears, and applaud each others victories. We set up times for inter-generational conversations, panels, performances and hands-on activities during the exhibit highlighting art, justice, organizing and collective healing.

We need to re-weave the past into the present in order to create the future we deserve. I invite you to come be part of it.

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