Commemorative poster - Another World is Possible: 5 Decades of Revolutionary Art with Ricardo Levins Morales

“Another World is Possible: Five Decades of Revolutionary Art with Ricardo Levins Morales” will open on October fifth in Minneapolis. It will be a visual feast of social justice movement history seen through the art I’ve been making in support of peoples struggles since 1968. The show will be up for 50 days (grand opening party on Oct.5th!) and will include inter-generational panels, discussions, ceremonies and classes.

Making this exhibit happen – including paying artists and panelists, producing the program books we’ll give away, mounting pieces of art that haven’t seen the light of day since Nixon was president, (Oh and food! Don’t forget the food!) – takes money. This whole thing is being organized as an interactive community encounter with histories of resilience and struggle and I would love to have community support to cover some of the cost.

Please consider making a contribution. I can’t entice you by letting you in free because it’s all free. We (me and the wonderful committee that is making it happen) can offer you a print of my commemorative exhibit poster for donations of $25 or more. I also hope to see you there during the time it is on display at CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha), the trailblazing low-wage worker organizing center.