Coloring Pages (Physical Booklet) – “Color For Justice, Color For Calm”

This coloring book features 15 coloring pages from RLM’s “What to Do in a Pandemic… Our Cousins Know” series (Poster, poster pack available for sale, full color free download) plus 5 popular posters.  We are the medicine. Original illustrations by Ricardo Levins Morales – with messages for the difficult times of COVID-19. Adapted for coloring pages by Cory Teshera-Levye.

Suggestions on what to do with your colored pages
• Add your own special messages or backgrounds to the images
• Snap a photo and share on social media, online or via email
• If safe to do so, have an adult help you post fi nished pages around your neighborhood, or on your front door, mailbox or other location people will see and enjoy them. Spread good cheer!
• Give to a neighbor, friend or relative who could use cheering up (Ask if you should leave it on their door, if they are sick).
• Send in the mail to a friend or relative elsewhere. Sending through the mail can be an extra special gift compared to sharing online. If you have tape, you can fold one page to make a pretty envelope, and put another page or letter inside of it.
• Give (physically if safe, or share digitally) to someone working hard to keep us all well, such as a doctor, nurse, caregiver, grocery worker, delivery person, truck driver… can you think of others to say thank you to?

Image Descriptions:
1. Little fox in green and brown burrow: “Stay Aware”
2. Loon with chicks riding on its back, in a canal with reeds on the bank: “Support those most vulnerable”
3. Two beavers inside a dam: “Limit Exposure”
4. A monarch butterfly on rocks by water, with foliage behind, dipping legs into the water: “Wash Frequently”
5. A turtle with a pile of greens in front to slowly eat: “Spread Calm”
6. Two bear cubs peering at each other from opposite sides of a tree trunk: “Check in on each other”
7. Two elephants standing next to a third who is laid on the ground, ready to help up if needed: “Offer healing support”
8. A leopard asleep up a tree, draped over the limbs “Rest”
9. A yellow lab dog with paws over face: “Accept your feelings”
10. A bee flying over purple thistle flowers “Organize for a better future”

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