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The pinback buttons made at RLM Art Studio are high-quality, round metal buttons or badges, with a safety-pin back and a durable clear plastic seal over the design on the front. Available sizes are 1 & 1/4", 1 & 3/4", 2 & 1/4", and 3".

The Button Man at RLM Art Studio is Jeff Nygaard. Just give him a call on the Button Hotline to get started making your own custom buttons: 612-703-6157. Or you can email him at and he'll get back to you within one business day.

RLM Art Studio is UNION SHOP, a proud member of The Newspaper Guild/CWA Local 37002.

Your button design can include any combination of colors and fonts. There is no extra charge for extra colors or fancy things. (Unless they're really fancy and/or you want us to create the design. In that case, let's talk about it.

PRICES: There is no minimum order for buttons at RLM Art Studio. We can make any number of buttons that you want-from a single button up to many thousands of buttons. The more you get, the cheaper they are. For exact prices, click HERE.

DESIGNING YOUR BUTTON If you already have your own design and just need it made into a button, or if you have an idea for a button and want to design it yourself, click here, or if you have an idea, but need help designing it or want us to design it for you, click HERE.

Check out the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE for answers to many of the questions that you may have.


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