“Ricardo is a visual poet and weaver of hope and meaning for our times.” — Alexa Bradley

“Ricardo Levins Morales is an agitator and organizer in the tradition of Goya, George Grosz, and Ben Shahn. We are blessed to have such a visionary involved in contemporary struggles. La lucha continua…” — Fred Mindlin, Digital Storyteller

“He knows who we are. We’re different and we’re the same; and he sees that. He knows who we are.” — Jane Spickett

“Ricardo Levins Morales is simply the single most important visual artist for progressive forces in the US today, and one of the most important globally.” — Kim Scipes, author

RLM speaks to people’s hearts through powerful imagery. His work implores us to recognize social inequalities and motivates us to take action.” — Emmy Higgs Matzner

“I was attracted to RLM’s art because of its beauty, and I have also found it to be a powerful tool for education about social movement history and current social justice issues.” — Tim DeChristopher

RLM is a litmus test of conscience. He hold standards high enough for all of us to step upto and take action for social equity and justice. He and his work are my foundation of critical thinking!” — Dipankar Mukherjee

“Ricardo Levins Morales’ work recharges my spirit and strengthens my resolve.” — Stone Cairns

RLM’s work is a balm. It speaks to my heart, stimulates my thoughts, and invigorates my drive to make social change.” — Jessica L. Atcheson, writer, editor, and activist

“When we used Ricardo Levins Morales’s work on our Voice for Voting Rights Campaign, the impact was powerful. It gave many communities of color language, some humor and powerful analysis on the implications and outcomes of the proposed voter ID amendment. It was honest, raw, fun and kept it real.” — Danielle Mkali