Custom Buttons

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To order custom buttons, contact Jeff the Button Man at 612-703-6157 or

Jeff should respond to inquiries within one business day.

RLM Art Studio is a UNION SHOP, a proud member of The Newspaper Guild/CWA Local 37002.

Our buttons are high-quality, round metal buttons or badges, with a safety-pin back and a durable clear plastic seal over the design on the front. Available sizes are 1 & 1/4″, 1 & 3/4″, 2 & 1/4″, and 3″.

We have a full-color digital printer to accommodate the fanciest designs.

custom buttons made at Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio

Getting Your Custom Buttons Made: How It Works

The process of ordering your custom button starts by contacting Jeff, the Button Man at RLM Arts. The best way to do so is by email, since that way assures that everything is written down and there will be no confusion (

When you contact Jeff, he’ll need to know a few things right off the bat, so be prepared to tell him:

  1. How many buttons you want
  2. What size buttons you want
  3. The date by which you need your buttons
  4. Whether you’ll be picking them up, or you want us to ship them to you
  5. Whether you want Jeff to design your button or if you have your own design
  6. If you want the Union Bug to appear on your button, telling the world that your button art was printed in a UNION SHOP
  7. If you have your own design. (Click HERE to see which formats Jeff can work with.)

If you want Jeff to design something, write down and send to Jeff as many details as you can think of. Things like:

    1. What words, if any, do you want on your button?
    2. What colors would you like?
    3. Do you have a photo or a graphic that you want included? Send it along (after making sure it’s set up for good button-making)
    4. Any other thoughts about how you’d like it to look.

Once Jeff has all this information, he’ll make up a couple of different versions and he’ll send you proofs to look at, in PDF format. Then you choose your favorite, and we’re set to go. (If neither one is exactly right, Jeff can revise once or twice for no charge. Multiple revisions will cost extra; Jeff will warn you.)

Jeff will tell you when to expect your buttons, and will inform you via email when they have been shipped, or when you can pick them up.

Every button is different, so the process is sometimes different. But not to worry, Jeff will instruct you every step of the way, and you’ll end up with a button that will help you do your part to change the world! It all starts with an email or phone call to Jeff. 612-703-6157

Designing Your Button | Custom Button FAQ | Custom Button Prices | Button Testimonials