Sympathy and condolence cards for when saying the right thing matters. For activists and others. Customizable for organizations to keep on hand.

On most cards, the inside printed text shown in the inset is optional.

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  • There are Stars (Notecard)

  • At Anchor (Notecard)

  • Beautiful Fighter (Notecard)

  • He Was Always With Us (Notecard)

  • In Sorrow and Solidarity (Notecard)

  • She Was Always With Us (Notecard)

  • Solidarity Is Forever (Notecard)

  • We Are So Glad He Was Here (Notecard)

  • We Are So Glad She Was Here (Notecard)

  • We Share Your Loss (Notecard)

  • With Sympathies From Your Union (Notecard)

  • You Are Here


Showing all 12 results