Meet the Staff

Meet the some of the folks who work behind-the-scenes at Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio.

Elaine Avery - Minister of Finance at RLM Art StudioElaine Avery (she/her) is our Minister of Finance. When not counting beans, she enjoys dancing, singing, DJing, baking, gardening, carpentry, cabinetmaking and throwing dance parties.

Rowan Fakhoury (they/them) is the Minister of Commerce :), packing and shipping all the beautiful gifts you get for yourself and others :P. They are a mixed, queer, trans & disabled little dandelion puff. Floating & breathing in this world as a  community herbalist/brujx, facilitator, farmer, bodyworker (biodynamic craniosacral, reiki & sobada practitioner) , full-spectrum support companion— focus on abortion & loss, organizer, space holder, collaborator, humxn. Their practice is rooted in deep listening, ritual and co-creating a fluid container for nourishment, rest, liberation, joy and unknowns. Navigating the seen + unseen— finding collaboration in the tangible and intangible realms. When not at work, they can often be found giggling and snacking among the plant and other nature & humxn friends.

Jeff Nygaard - The Button Man at RLM Art StudioJeff Nygaard (he/him) is The Button Man at RLM Art Studio, making all of the pin-back buttons that you see on the website, as well as all sorts of custom buttons for use in organizing drives, campaigns, rallies, and almost any special event or occasion you can imagine.  He also makes stickers, magnets, and a variety of other promotional/organizing products.  But, beyond buttons…

Jeff is a working-class intellectual of Norwegian, German, and Irish heritage who grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota.  Jeff has been an activist, writer, editor, and teacher based in Minneapolis for the past 40 years, and has worked at a variety of jobs, including work as a snow shoveler, courier, grocery store worker, and cab driver.  Since September of 1998 he has published his own free newsletter on media, politics, and culture called “Nygaard Notes: Independent Periodic News and Analysis.”  His work has appeared in the Star Tribune, Z Magazine, Counterpunch, Access Press, and various other publications.

E-mail subscriptions to Nygaard Notes are free, and paper subscriptions are available for the cost of printing and mailing.  Find subscription information on the web at, or email Jeff at nygaard (at)

Jaime (she/her) is RLM Arts’ Minister of Operations. She’s done a little bit of everything at the shop off-and-on since joining on a fill-in basis in 2012.  One of her main roles includes the design tasks involved in turning Ricardo’s art into posters, cards, puzzles, zines, or whatever else. She also helps keep open the Minneapolis retail store, manage this website, and solve printer malfunctions, among other work. She’s grateful for the creativity and flexibility working at RLM Arts allows for, and spends some of her free time in outdoor adventures, watching the birds, making zines, and cheering on women’s sports, all whilst scheming towards a future without cops, bosses or landlords.