Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Available Workshops

Ricardo Levins Morales with a group of students after a workshop

Workshops, trainings and public speaking are another dimension – along with art and writing – of the work I do to support change. Being in a room together lets us dive deeper and explore new directions, tapping into the range of experience and perspectives that’s always present when humans gather. Below are examples of some of the types of workshops I offer. These sessions can be scaled to meet the needs of organizations, conferences or other settings.

Medicinal Art and Social Justice
This workshop explores where art fits within activism and healing justice. This workshop is appropriate for a wide variety of audiences including artists, youth, and leaders looking for new frames through which to view their work and practitioners of activist work interested in deepening their practice.

Overcoming Hopelessness/The Ecology of Social Change
This workshop offers a new way of looking at change strategy and movement work by drawing on lessons from our natural world. This workshop is recommended for those facing burnout within traditional institutions, those looking to strengthen resilience in their social change movement work, and to counter feelings of hopelessness that can accompany facing oppressive systems, harmful behaviors and an uncertain future.

Restoring Power: Trauma and Resilience for Organizers – Molly Glasgow & Ricardo Levins Morales
This workshop introduces and explores the dynamics of trauma and resilience; their expression in our bodies, their presence in our communities and their relationship to organizing, alliance building and change. We share tools for expanding our resilience and clarity in the face of oppressive patterns, systems, and organizing challenges.

Walking Toward It
How do we start creating conditions for an oppression-free, sustainable future while embedded in the present? How can we effectively navigate a reality of constant crises while building the capacity and consciousness needed for social transformation? This workshop explores short and long term strategies for visionary organizing while confronting issues of capacity and scarcity. It is appropriate for groups struggling to connect the daily challenges of organizing with the larger currents of social, cultural and political change.

I have spoken at many conferences and events on topics ranging from labor organizing to social justice art to police abolition.  Below are some examples of keynote speeches I have given:

  • Midwest Mixed
  • Overcoming Racism Conference
  • MN X MN
  • Expanding Democracy Conference, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA
  • TC Social Justice Education Fair
  • Art Educators of Minnesota
  • Hiawatha Academies Teachers Conference
  • SEED Project conference
  • Conflict Zones Conference (Montezuma, NM)

I do not have a standard price for workshops. I work for a wide range of groups, from poor people’s action groups to unions and non-profits all of whom have different levels of access to resources. If you are interested in a workshop or speaking engagement, please reach out to me and we can discuss what compensation could work for both of us. Please direct inquiries to my assistant Sheila at