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If you have your tracking number, the information you see is the same information we can see, and the same information USPS customer service representatives can see. Sometimes, life just makes us wait.

Postal workers are doing their best. Thanks for your patience.

What are your poster framing options? Can I purchase the poster ready to hang on my wall?

RLM’s posters are sold either rolled in a tube, or with one of the options below.

Ready To Hang – The poster and a 3/16″ foam core backing is protected in a crystal clear pouch. The back is sealed and has attached tab/s for easy hanging. We are currently able to offer this option on posters sized 11×17″ or smaller.

NOTE: We changed this style in February 2024 so that it no longer has a black border. This different method saves on materials costs for us and for you, and allows us to fulfill your order without the delay that was necessary in our previous process.

Simple Black Frame – Framed in a simple, elegant, made-to-last matte black metal frame, protected by either glass or clear acrylic and ready to hang. To keep prices low, we are currently able to offer this option on 11×17″, 11×15″ or 11×14″ posters. Dimensions for each poster can be found in the Product Details section of the product page.  Note that choosing a framed print may add 7-10 days to your shipping time – possibly longer depending on demand and materials availability.  We will contact you if your order is likely to take longer than two weeks to ship.  If you have a deadline, please contact us before placing your framed poster order.

Simple Black Frame example
Simple Black Frame example

If you have particular framing requirements or wishes for your RLM artwork, or would like to frame a print for which an option is not listed as available, and would like to receive a price quote from us, please contact us.

Do you offer bulk discounts on your products?

RLM Arts offers discounted bulk rates on our notecards, postcards and buttons. You can mix-and-match different products to get the following discounts:

Notecards regular price: $3.50 ea.
12-49 cards: $3.00 ea.
50-149 cards: $2.50 ea.
150-299 cards: $2.25 ea.
300-499 cards: $2.00 ea.
500+ cards: Contact us

Large quantities of notecards or postcards can be printed with your custom message or logo on the inside; contact us for pricing.

Postcards regular price: $2.00 ea.
12-149 cards: $1.25 ea.
150-499 cards: $1.00 ea.
500+ cards: $0.85 ea.

Buttons regular price: $3.00
12-24 buttons: $2.00 ea.
25-99 buttons: $1.25 ea.
100-249 buttons: $0.69 ea.
250-499 buttons: $0.51 ea.
500-999 buttons: $0.45 ea
1,000+ buttons: $0.36 ea. [These rates are for RLM’s designed-in-house catalog buttons. For prices on custom buttons, go here.]

Unfortunately, we do not offer bulk discounts on posters. Calendar discounts vary when available; please visit the relevant product page or  contact us.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Even though our world headquarters is in Minneapolis, MN, USA, we ship world-wide wherever the US Postal Service ships. You can select international shipping in the checkout page.

Unfortunately, international shipping has become more expensive and less reliable to certain countries since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and exacerbated supply chain issues. We’d love to have our items distributed elsewhere around the world… if your shop or organization is interested in facilitating this, we’d love to talk with you.

How fast do you ship, and how do you calculate your shipping rates?

The default shipping method is USPS Ground Advantage, when available. For faster shipping, you can choose USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days, depending on location) or USPS Priority Express (1-2 days).  Times quoted are from the date we pack your order (usually 1-3 days), not necessarily the date you place it.  If you need the products urgently or want an exact delivery date – we’re activists, we understand!  Please give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

International orders: We cannot guarantee delivery times for international orders – it depends on your country’s postal service.

For UPS services such as 2-day or Next Day shipping, or to use your organization’s UPS account number, please contact us.

Shipping rates on our site are calculated automatically to reflect an estimate of the actual shipping cost, plus $2 for handling.  Because it’s a computer and not a human doing the calculating, occasionally the quoted shipping rates can seem wildly off. RLM Art Studio will always refund customers who are significantly overcharged for shipping (or anything else).

If the robot-quoted shipping rates seem absurd, here’s what you can do:

  • Wait for your refund after we mail out your order.
  • Give us a call. We can take your order and credit card payment directly over the phone, with a much more reasonable shipping estimate.
  • Place your order, choose the “check payment” payment option, and leave a note saying that you actually need the order shipped, but that the quoted price was off.  We’ll get your order ready and then send you an invoice for the order plus the actual cost of shipping and handling.

I only see U.S. Postal Service shipping options - Can you ship via UPS?

UPS shipping is available for online orders by special request only – please call or email.

What is your return/refund policy?

All sales are final. Products that arrive damaged/defective may be returned and exchanged for a replacement. Please contact us, and we will do our best to resolve any problems you might have with your order.
What paper do you use for your posters?

Our 11×17″ digital posters are almost all printed on a medium-thickness “Felt weave” style paper. This type of paper has a slight rough texture to it, which helps mimic the scratchboard on which Ricardo creates his original art. A small handful of posters are the exceptions to the rule, and come on glossy paper. Other exceptions are typically noted on the product page.

Oversize offset (bigger than 11×17″) and screenprinted posters come on a variety of paper types in varying thicknesses.  If you have a question about what type of paper a particular poster is printed on, please ask.

Where can I find the size of your posters?

To find the poster size, scroll down the product page and click the tab “Product Details.” There is a section labeled “Poster Dimensions” that will (you guessed it!) list the size of the poster.

Product Details Screenshot

Can any of the artwork be customized for my organization?


  • Notecards can be customized with your group’s logo and/or custom message, for an extra 10 cents per card, plus a setup/design fee (approx $40 or $1/minute thereafter). Postcards can also be customized; rates vary by quantity. Contact Us to get started.
  • Customization of art for use in other formats depends on the availability of Ricardo and/or staff. See Reprints.
  • For custom buttons, go here.