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Can I design my own buttons?

Sure! You can send us your finished design, or if you just have an idea for a design you can tell us about it and we’ll come up with a design, or you can sketch out an idea and we’ll go from there. Any way you want to do it should work. If you have a real complicated idea that takes us a long time to work out, there may be some modest design charges. Give us a call and we can talk about it. Or, you can look at the Art and Design page to see all the ways we can make your idea come to life.

What kind of designs are possible to have on a button?

We have the equipment to do just about anything. Complex designs, any possible color, shadow images, layered designs, text, graphics. Even photos can be put on a button! Basically, whatever you think of can be done.

Really? Anything?

Well, remember that buttons are kind of small, so the design has to take that into account. For instance, on a three-inch button (the largest we make), we can print the words big enough that people can read them from some distance, but there won’t be room for much else. Also, if you want a flowery or elaborate text font, it won’t be as readable as a simple, bold font. So we’ll take those kinds of things into account. But, within those aesthetic considerations, yes, basically anything is possible.

Can you use art made by somebody else?

Yes, we can, as long as you have the owner’s permission to use the art.

What shapes and sizes are the buttons?

All the buttons we make are round. The smallest buttons we make are one-and-a-quarter inches (1¼”) in diameter, and the largest are three inches (3″) in diameter. The most common size in buttons is the two-and-a-quarter inch (2¼”) size. We also make one-and-three-quarter (1¾”) buttons.

How much do your buttons cost?

Button prices range from $7.50 for a single button, down to 30 cents each for 1,000+. There are price breaks along the way for various quantities.

To see the full price list for custom buttons, click HERE.

How do your prices compare with other button-makers?

We don’t think you’ll find a cheaper source anywhere for union-made buttons of this quality. When you factor in the personal, friendly service, and the fact that these buttons are union-made, you really won’t find a better value. If you think you’ve found someone who has better prices for the same quality, let’s talk about it. We may be able to match their prices, but it might be that they aren’t really cheaper once you factor in the hidden charges that you might not have noticed.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Sure. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Payment may also be made with cash, check, or via PayPal.
Is there a minimum order? Can I order just a few buttons?

There is no minimum order for buttons from RLM Arts. You can get just a single button, custom-made to your specifications. Or ten, or twenty, or however many you need. Also, once a button is made, we keep the design on hand, so you can call us up and we can make more on a moment’s notice.
Is it more expensive to get a small order?

Yes, small quantities cost more per button. There are price breaks at quantities of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 buttons. For example, 10 buttons at the 2.25″ size are $2.00 each, 100 buttons are 60 cents each, and if you get 1,000 or more, they only cost 30 cents each.

See the “Prices” page for details.

If I have my own design, can I print up my own artwork? Or do I give you the design and have you print it?

The best thing would be for us to print it, as there are alignment issues, and we can better guarantee the quality that way. However, if you want to print your own (and there are reasons you might), it can be done. Before you do it, though, look at the “Design” page on this website for some guidance.
Can I put my photo on a button? Or my spouse's photo? Or my kids'? Or anybody's photo?

Sure! We make photo buttons all the time. You can just give us the photo you have in mind, and we’ll take it from there. If the photo is on paper, make sure that the part you want will fit on the button. For example, if it’s a photo of a group, it may extend out beyond the size of the button itself, and some people will be cut off. If you give us a photo in an electronic format, on the other hand, we can size it as you like. What you have to think about here is whether or not it will look good if we have to shrink it to fit. Just talk to us about it, and we’ll give you our opinion. But the final decision is up to you.

Do RLM Art Studio buttons display the union bug?

They certainly do. We are a proud union shop. Just ask for the bug!
How do I get my buttons? Do you mail them to me or what?

Buttons can be picked up at our Minneapolis shop for no charge, or else we will ship them to you via US Mail or UPS, and we will add the shipping charges to your invoice.  We will choose the cheapest possible shipping required for the buttons to arrive by your deadline. If you have a shipping method preference, please let us know.

Do you have buttons that are already designed? Or are they all made-to-order?

RLM Art Studio has a full catalog of powerful and unique buttons created by Ricardo Levins Morales. Click here to see the catalog.

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