Welcome to the Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio Store

Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio Online Store
Drawing the Line for Social Justice

Commemorative poster - Another World is Possible: 5 Decades of Revolutionary Art with Ricardo Levins MoralesCommemorative Poster Now Available for Purchase Here!

Welcome to the Ricardo L
evins Morales Art Studio Online Store

This site features artwork I’ve created over years to encourage the laughter, hope, love and anger that move us toward a better world. Many were made for and within the labor and social justice movements of our time. They can be gifts, educational materials, morale boosters, appreciation awards, organizing tools, courtship displays and many other communication purposes. Most posters are 11″x17″ but some are larger format. Many pieces are on button pins or note cards too.

Our shop also produces custom button pins at bulk prices – your design or ours!

RLM Art Studio is a union shop, a proud member of The Newspaper Guild/CWA Local 370.

New Beginnings – Monarch Butterfly

Kitchen Table

2020 Ricardo Levins Morales Liberation Calendar

Justicia es Para Todos (Button)

Harriet Tubman

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Pride at Work (11×17 Digital Poster)

New Beginnings (Notecard)

Nonprofit Survival Kit – Set of 12 Cards

Crush – What Are The Odds?

I’ve Got Your Back

You Inspire, I Admire

Go Together (Notecard)

Teacher Fist

Your Abortion, Your Business

My Body, My Choice

That Was Awkward

I Just Felt Like Giving You A Card

You Are The SOLID in Solidarity

Fight the Empire

Tiananmen 1989

Seeds of Resistance (T-Shirt)


Lizard Dreams