October 26, 2022

November 2022 Free Downloadable Calendar Page

Here is your free, printable monthly calendar for November 2022. This month’s art shows the poster “Kiyampu” (which is not currently for sale). The poster was made by RLM and Northland Poster Collective in connection with the anti-Columbus events in 1992. Japanese American activists expanded the discussion to connect the slavery, genocide and conquest of early colonialism, with the collective punishment of internment in WWII concentration camps. 110,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned in these camps beginning in 1942 in an atmosphere of racist war hysteria. In November of 1942, internees at the Poston Relocation Center (concentration camp) undertook a general strike with the support of the local tribal council.

The monthly calendar is a simplified, complementary version of the Ricardo Levins Morales Liberation Calendar, featuring historical dates and a mix of new and old artwork, printable for use in your office, school, or you-name-it. It’s a great teaching tool, whether for in-person or distance learning. Our 2023 edition is now available at the link above.

Click here or below to download the PDF.