Free Digital Download – What To Do In a Pandemic (Animals)

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We are the medicine. Our cousins know. Original mixed media illustrations by Ricardo Levins Morales – with messages for the difficult times of COVID-19.

Image Descriptions:
1. Little fox in green and brown burrow: “Stay Aware”
2. Loon with chicks riding on its back, in a canal with reeds on the bank: “Support those most vulnerable”
3. Two beavers inside a dam: “Limit Exposure”
4. A monarch butterfly on rocks by water, with foliage behind, dipping legs into the water: “Wash Frequently”
5. A turtle with a pile of greens in front to slowly eat: “Spread Calm”
6. Two bear cubs peering at each other from opposite sides of a tree trunk: “Check in on each other”
7. Two elephants standing next to a third who is laid on the ground, ready to help up if needed: “Offer healing support”
8. A cheetah asleep up a tree, draped over the limbs “Rest”
9. A yellow lab dog with paws over face: “Accept your feelings”
10. A bee flying over purple thistle flowers “Organize for a better future”


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