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Artwork available for purchase: “Planet Parenthood,” “Say Gay,” “Stop Thinking About Sex!”

planet parenthood posterSay GayStop Thinking About Sex - Funny Sexuality Poster by Ricardo Levins Morales

More information about historical dates in January-

The Six Companies

The Christmas Rebellion

The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union

The Bread and Roses Textile Strike

One Inc. v. Olesen, the first Supreme Court decision to deal with gay rights

Los Angeles Teacher Strike

Lucy Parsons

The Lumbee and the KKK

Jaunary 21, 2017 Women’s March

January 22, 1973: Roe vs. Wade
In Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court rules that the Constitution protects the right to an abortion without excessive government restriction. 

After the rollback of Roe v. Wade in 2022…

“Muslim Ban” Protests

Bde Maka Ska name restoration


Artwork available for purchase: “The Earth Is Not For Sale“, “We Are The Mainstream

We Are The Mainstream - June Jordan Racial Justice Poster by Ricardo Levins MoralesIt's Not For Sale - Land, Environment, Native America, Poster by Ricardo Levins Morales

More info on the Black Hills Survival Gathering, as reported in Science For The People in 1980.

John Trudell on Liberation – Black Hills (Paha Sapa) Survival Gathering on Youtube

More information about Historical Dates in February-

Greensboro Sit-ins

“Lunch Counter” poster, card or jigsaw puzzle

New York City School boycotts

History of Black History Month

Wet’suwet’en Resistance

Japanese-Mexican Labor Association

Captain Cook and Hawai’i

Iraq War Protest Anniversary

Kelli Peterson and the GSA

West Virginia Teacher Strike

No Border Wall Drag Protest

Wounded Knee Occupation


Artwork available for purchase: “Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie - Palestinian Human Rights Remembrance Poster by Ricardo Levins Morales

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Saint Paul Federation of Educators used some re-worked RLM artwork to promote a joint protest, which turned out thousands in the bitter cold a few weeks before MFT went on a historic strike in March 2022.

More information about historical dates in March –

Claudette Colvin

Chicano Blowouts

Needletrades strike and International Women’s Day

The New Deal (see also June artt)

Alberta Schneck

The Capitol Crawl

Rachel Corrie

New York Conspiracy

March for our Lives

ICE Stewart Detention Center Hunger Strike

Memphis Sanitation Worker Strike

RLM’s poster/card “Memphis”


Art available for Purchase: “No Mas Fossil Fuels!”

RLM’s 2022 Video, “A Circle By The River” discusses visioning for a fossil free future:

The background image for April’s calendar page comes from Ricardo’s poster, “Better Active Today Than Radioactive Tomorrow,” produced for Northern Sun Alliance in the mid 1970s.

More information about historical dates in April-

Amazon Unionization

The Rainbow Coalition

Chairman Fred Hampton/Rainbow Coalition poster/card

“Had the Panthers followed today’s practices and looked just at the surface evidence, they’d have written the Patriots off as hopeless racists. Instead they asked why these folks were hurting: was their racism based on vested interest or had they been fooled into it. They concluded that in the big picture they all had more to gain as allies than enemies.” – From Ricardo’s 2010 blog post, Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: a political ecology of change

The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King

Disability Rights Sit-in

California Essential Workers Wildcat Strike

Freedom House Ambulance Services

Earth Day

Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance

Los Angeles 1992 Rebellion


The May calendar art was all originally commissioned and is not available for purchase – but you might recognize the background from the poster “Begin With Research.”

More information about historical dates in May-

Eight hour workday and International Workers’ Day

Poster/card “Eight Hours.” How would you fill in the top and bottom text to reflect the world you’d like to see?

New Orleans Sanitation Workers Strike-

Jack Spratt Sit-in

Poor People’s March on Washington

Jackson State Shootings

Minneapolis Teamster Strike

Ida B Wells

Ida B. Wells Poster 

George Floyd Uprising

Third Precinct Burning

“We Feel You – From the Ancestors”: Ricardo made this poster in the wake of the uprising. Available as a poster/card.

League of the Physically Handicapped


Artwork available for purchase: “New Deal Anniversary

More information about historical dates in June-

Harriet Tubman and the Combahee River Raid

Harriet Tubman Poster

Angela Davis’s Acquittal

Angela Davis Poster/Card

Raid on Tierra Amarilla Courthouse

Columbus Statue Toppling

No More Deaths case

Sitka Fort Capture

Juneteenth Ports Shutdown

ADAPT die-in

Vincent Chin

The Battle of Little Bighorn

Stonewall Rebellion


Art available for purchase: “Serán las dueñas de la tierra

Review of the film “Serán las dueñas de la tierra” by Néstor David Pastor at NACLA:

When you consider Puerto Rico’s fertile land and tropical climate, it’s tempting to assume that conditions are ideal for farming—they’re not. This unfortunate reality becomes increasingly apparent in the new documentary, Serán las dueñas de la tierra (English title: Stewards of the Land), which follows the struggles of three young farmers. The film also marks the debut for director Juan Manuel Pagán Teitelbaum, who produced the feature-length documentary alongside his partner, Mariolga Reyes Cruz.

More information about historical dates in July-

The Bicentennial Without Colonies

We Will Ride movement

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

Black Hills decision (See also February for information about the 1980 Black Hills Survival Gathering)

The Society for Human Rights

Prime Day Amazon Protests

Strike for Black Lives-

Jaleel Stallings

The Bonus Army


Artwork available for purchase: “The Throne Within

More information about historical dates in August –

The Black Sex Worker Liberation Protest

UPS Teamsters Strike

Community Gardens in Detroit

“Defend Detroit” – Poster/Notecard by RLM

Freedom School Convention

World War II Internment Reparations

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

CIA driven coup in Iran

Nat Turner’s Revolt

Battle of Blair Mountain

March on Washington

Gabriel Prosser and Jack Ditcher’s Revolt


Artwork available for purchase: “My Hands/Mis Manos“,  “Violetta Parra

“One of my greatest inspirations has been the Latin American New Song movement, especially its Chilean pioneers. They transformed themselves from performers of and for the student left into the creators of an authentic voice for their people’s aspirations. Moving easily between songs of love and songs of land reform, between nonsense verse and traditional lament, they dissolved rather than accepted the barriers that divide politics from the rest of life.

What these musicians accomplished was to master the “dream language” of their people as expressed in ancient and contemporary musical traditions. They then used it to voice the secret hopes and feelings that were not finding expression in the commercial culture monopoly, dominated by imported, “Western,” music.”

–Ricardo’s 1990 essay, “The Importance of Being Artist” 

More information about historical dates in September-

Tulsa Massacre

Peekskill white supremacist riots 

Seizure of the La Boquilla Dam

Attica Rebellion anniversary

Fascist/US-backed Chilean Coup

Chile 11 Septiembre Poster

Naomi Osaka wins the US Open

National Farmworkers Association Strike

Air Traffic Controller solidarity walkout

Hurricane Maria and mutual aid

Love for Puerto Rico button

Huracanes y San Ciriaco – posters commemorating people’s resilience in the face of previous hurricanes to hit Puerto Rico

Dzil Nchaa Si An/Mount Graham observatory protest

El Grito de Lares

Poster featuring Ramon Emeterio Betances, leader of the 1868 rebellion against Spain. The “PROMESA” bill in his right hand connects El Grito de Lares to present day anticolonial struggle.

US colonialism, following in the footsteps of Spanish colonialism, genocide and slavery, has been a violent and criminal interruption of the inherent freedom of Puerto Rico and its people, and an assault on everything that sustains our lives and our land.  It has caused us tremendous suffering and the loss of many lives.  It has cost us great harm to our collective health and wellbeing, the theft of our natural wealth, our work, our agriculture, and the poisoning of our culture and our ecosystem.

In the face of everything that has happened, our natural sovereignty continues to push back, for, like all living organisms, it is part of our nature to resist all harm and reject every form of violation. – excerpt from DeCLARAcion, a liberation document by Aurora Levins Morales and Ricardo Levins Morales in 2017 (English/Español)

Youth protest the climate the crisis

The Philadelphia housing protest


The plate and halftone images in October come from event posters designed by Ricardo for the “Guerrilla Wordfare” series in Minneapolis.  The clock spot graphic was adapted from the classic “Time to Organize!” IWW image, for the zine version of Ricardo’s 2022 essay “What time is it on the clock of the police abolition movement?

More information about historical dates in October –

The Daughters of Bilitis

Striketober 2021

Mauna Kea Thirty Meter Telescope protests

Act UP FDA protest


The 1968 Mexico City Olympics protests

The I hotel protests and evictions

Youth lawsuit over climate change


Artwork available for purchase: “Ella Baker – Understanding“, “Study History

Who Was Ella Baker?

More information about historical dates in November-

Minneapolis Public Safety Initiative-

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and the FDA

The Historic 2018 elections

The liberation of “The Creole”

The prevention of the Orme Dam

Line 3 protest

The Poston internment camp strike

Walmart Black Friday Demonstrations

Poster/Card “WalMart Scream”

Indian Farmworker Strike

The “Battle of Seattle” WTO protests


Artwork available for purchase: “Cardinals,” “Happy Solidarity Holiday

More information about historical dates in December –

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Starbucks Unionization

Jackson Boycotts

London ads preventing deportation

The 1975 Minneapolis trans anti-discrimination ordinance

DRUM and the Muslim Registry

Battle of Lake Okeechobee

The Skylab Job Action

The United Auto Workers win recognition

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